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For the 2015  links: The links below will download as a pdf files(also know as Adobe Reader), If you don’t have Adobe Reader,  it’s a free application, and here is the link to download it:

The links will will be the power point outlines that you saw projected at the meetings.   All of the links in the file should work.   The outlines do not do justice to the presentations, but will give you information and ideas for your own research.


February 2016

Electronic Research

May 2016



November 4, 2015

Another look at Home Sources by Shirley Neece

Home Sources 2

Items Details.2

But I’ve Looked Everywhere by Bill Bates

Genie Club November 2015

October 7 2015

Genealogy Do Over by Ellen Taylor

For GenieDoOver

Handout Oct 7 2015

Handout for October 7, 2015

Facebook: Genealogy Do Over Page-on this page there are 9195 members

Genealogy Research Toolbox





2015- April?



February  5, 2014  “Ancestry Trip to Sicily”  Tim and Paulette Doyle

Geni PP Feb 2014

Useful Websites for United Kingdom Research    ($) (restrict record search to country desired) ($) free at Family History Center  Free BMD & Free Reg

Search for records

To order certified copies: UK General Records Office (

Create an account & place order

Learning courses:  > R. corner get help > Learning Center video courses > L. column > England

1. England Beginning Research Series

Lesson 1: Getting Started

This lesson will help you determine what you need to get started with English research. During the lesson, you will learn about the basic family history research process. You will learn about English jurisdictions, the three major record groups in England and how to utilize the websites to access records. Useful web links and printable forms are included in the lesson.

Interactive Slides (15 minutes) Type: Online Lesson

2. England Beginning Research Series Lesson 2: Understanding Census Records

This lesson utilizes a case study to help you to understand what a census is and identify the types of information censuses contain. You will also learn ways to access census records online.

Interactive Slides (15 minutes) Type: Online Lesson

3. England Beginning Research Series Lesson 3: Understanding Civil Registration

Civil registration is the government’s registration of births, marriages, and deaths (BMDs). This lesson you will help you to understand these records, the indexes and certificates online.

Interactive Slides (20 minutes) Type: Online Lesson

4. England Beginning Research Series Lesson 4: Understanding Church Records

During this lesson you will learn how Church of England registers of baptisms, marriages, and burials can help you research your English ancestors especially those born prior to 1837.

Interactive Slides (20 minutes) Type: Online Lesson

March 5, 2014 “Proof is in the Details

Barbara Day and Barbara Schirmer


Document AS YOU GO

SMG I want to Learn more about sourcing

april 2, 2014 “How to write a family history”

Click on the article below to enlarge it.

Putting Pen to Paper

Ellen Taylor       Suggestions for writing your family history

Bill Bates Where Will All Of My Research Be.pptx

Saundra Engle Scrap-booking Family History

200 Years of Patriots


Handouts for May 1, 2013

5MG Episode 15 Handout

Stories from Stats

Handout 5:1:2013

The Tech side of genealogy, March 6, 2013

Barbara Schirmer

The Tech Side of Genealogy

Back to Basics, February 6, 2013,  Barbara Day

Back To Basics Slide Show

Back to the old Country  January 3, 2013,  Agnes Gromek

Back to the Old Country


November 7, 2012


Barbara Day

April 4, 2012 “European Research”   Agnes Gromek, and friends.

European Research

March 7, 2012, “Genealogy and Social Networking and New and Interesting TechTools”  Download the PDF files for new and interesting temptations.

Genealogy and Social Networking


February 1, 2012, “Making Sense of the Census for Family History Research Covering Pre-1790 to the soon to be released 1940 Census-Presented by Barbara Day

Making Sense of the Census

January 4, 2012  Researching Military Records, Old Wars-WWII, Barbara Day and Ellen Taylor

Military Records, Old Wars -Revolutionary War, Barbara Day

MilitaryRecords.ppt War of 1812- WWII, Ellen Taylor

Contact Ellen Taylor at  or at 515-0163 if you have any questions.


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