April 4, 2018


February 7, 1018


Shirley Neese




November 1

Our program was “A Genealogist’s Guide To the National Archives and Records Administration of the United States of America”  NARA  Presented by Jimmie L. Manning Click on the link below for the genealogy page of NARA

Nara genealogy


October 5 Brick Wall Form

You will need to download this form to your own computer.  You can then either print it out or fill it out on your computer and then print it.


May 4, 2016  Handout for “Creating stories from your records”

How to write a family history

The information on this page will take the place of paper handouts for the second half of the presentation of January 4, 2012.  This is an experiment.  Hope it works! Thanks for trying it.    Ellen Rowan Taylor

General Information: The following links will download to your own computer as .pdf file.  You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer in order to access them. It is a free application.  If you don’t have it, this is the link to download it: http://www.adobe.com/products/reader.htm

General Information PDF Files

Family Search.org Just an excellent educational document.     Introduction to Military Records From FHS

From the National Archives another good article:

National Archives War of 1812


A really good website with links for all wars: http://www.militaryindexes.com/index.html:

General Websites for all Military Records

National Archives.  You cannot search this site, for the war of 1812, nor will they search for you, but they are the repository for all military archived information.  When you find your soldier, you can order the files from this site. The website tells you how to order.


Familysearch.org    Everything here is free.  They have microfilmed millions of records and are now beginning to index and digitize all them, some with the help of paid sites.

Ancestry.com   Ancestry.com is the best site for digitized records, but it is also the most expensive.  However, you can access it at the Sierra Vista Library, for free and download information to a flash drive.

Fold3.com  Fold3.com, (Formerly footnote.com) specializes in military records.  They have an agreement with the National Archives, and are digitizing all of the military records. This is a slow process, but what they have is wonderful.  It is also a paid site, but not as expensive as Ancestry.

Bureau of Land Management  http://www.glorecords.blm.gov/   This site is an update.  Bounty land became available for soldiers, starting with the Revolutionary War and subsequent wars up to 1855.  Their survivors were eligible starting  around 1850.   It’s free and searchable, with lots of information that might not be available anywhere else.

Other Good Sites:

Mocavo.com  This is a new site, free, and appears to be picking up information from a lot of different sites.

Cyndi’s List  Cyndi’s List is the largest collection of genealogy websites of all.  It is free, but Cyndi has been asking for donations lately.

State Archives, Libraries and Museums, thanks to Cyndis List again There is usually a small fee to order and have records copied.

National Archives Listing of all State Archives:  http://www.archives.gov/research/alic/reference/state-archives.html

Civil War

Start with the National Park Service Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System  site first.   http://www.itd.nps.gov/cwss      You need to know your veteran’s name, state of enlistment-usually the same as where he lived.  Branch of service and rank are helpful, but not absolutely necessary.

National Archives, again http://www.archives.gov/research/order/order-vets-records.html#nara

The next two links are for the “Official Records of the War of the Rebellion”  which contains thousands of battle reports written by the battle commander to his next in command.

As early as 1834,  the Federal and State Government opened facilities designed to care for sick, wounded and elderly veterans.  This Wiki Site has an excellent explanation and listing of those facilities;


In some states, such as Illinois, records from the old soldier’s homes that will include everything  i.e, service record, pension files, medical records, family,etc. are available from the state archives for copying fees.

Library of Congress  This site has a great timeline and wonderful photographs.  It may not find your ancestor, but you will enjoy it


National Archives, FamilySearch.org, Ancestry.com, Fold3.com, State Archives.    All the links are the same, search terms would be for the Civil War.

World War One and Two

The National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis MO http://www.archives.gov/st-louis/archival-programs/index.html

World War 2

This a searchable site of the National Archives.  It has most of the enlistment files for WWII


Fold 3’s Heroes page, with enlistment files and room to write your veteran’s story.  (Of course, it’s not free.)


Another link to the National Archives for Veteran’s Records.  This one will find and copy the file for you.  Instructions are on the site http://vetrecs.archives.gov



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