Sierra Vista Genie Next Meeting

The Genie Club, formed in 2005 has been a project of the SV Historical Society since 2009.    It’s current Leadership Team, Bill Bates, Karol Childs, Agnes Gromek, Shirley Neese, Donna Otto, Janet Petrak, Ellen R. Taylor, and Gayle Tullis, has crafted the 2018- 2019  Season programs from our member survey taken in March and April of 2018. The theme is “Making Connections” and will be explored at the meetings October 2018 through April, 2019. Guest speakers will tell their stories of “Connections” from which we will deduce parallels in our own research. Meeting for this fall will be held on the first Wednesdays of the months October through December at the Ethel Berger Center from 1:00 to 4:00 in the Activity Room. (Note the change of room.) Beginning in September flyers with the club’s schedule will be available at the EBC Museum area. Remember that your participation is free and all are welcome to attend. Bring a notebook, pencil, and your family history as you know it.     Questions? Call 803-7906. See you there!